February 7, 2024

Indestructible Lights vs. Standard Off-Road Lighting – Which Stands Stronger?

The (m)power of Indestructible Lights
You’re here because you love off-roading—you crave open air, extreme adventure, and rely heavily on durability. You need equipment that’s been put to the test, has a proven track record, and is built to perform under any condition. When it comes to the off-road lighting (and accessories) market, there’s a lot to choose from—but it’s not all created equally.

We put our indestructible lights up against standard off-road lighting available on the market, and the results speak for themselves.

The Matchup: Indestructible Lights vs. Standard Off-Road Lighting
The mpower® products feature the first LED lighting technology, using an optic-grade, patented silicone lens that’s virtually shatterproof, putting it at the top of the industry in performance and durability.

Similar products use polycarbonate lenses that don’t stand up to water, dirt and rocks the way ours do. When you’re out exploring, the last thing you want to worry about is your lighting not rising to the challenge of the surrounding elements.

Compared to leading competitors, mpower lighting is 50% thinner, measuring at only 1” thick. A clear advantage when considering bulk, without sacrificing durability or longevity. If that wasn’t enough, mpower’s lightbars gives you 50% more LEDs within its inboard modules.

All of this while remaining near-indestructible.

Disclaimer: Photo used for demonstration purposes only. mpower® shall not be responsible for any damages resulting from customers attempting to run over or destroy lights, as such actions are against the intended use of our products.

Elements and Impact
Whether you adventure in frigid, snowy conditions or the dry, hot desert (or somewhere in between), your off-road lights and accessories should be able to stand up to everything Mother Nature has to offer.

mpower® was born out of 30 years of experience in providing lighting to emergency vehicles nationwide. Our vehicle lighting continues to be the trusted choice of departments that need durable lights to hold up against extreme speeds, potential impacts, and inclement temperatures—something industry-standard polycarbonate lenses cannot do.

The cutting-edge technology used in our emergency vehicle lighting was adapted to develop our current product line—with a smaller footprint but just as powerful and reliable.

Our silicone optical molding takes what used to be separate parts, and combines them into one piece. The result is being able to create complex shapes easier, withstand heat, crazing and fading better than typical plastic.

Reducing the number of parts reduces the worry of malfunction compared to standard lights where more parts can be found in the optics, housing and weather sealing.

High Power For High Performance
Our power spotlights will light up the darkest of nights.

Each of our mountable 2×1 and 6×1 light kits contain a 6 watt LED per inch, allowing you to pump out 1,382 to 4,161 lumens, respectively.

Our lightbars, which come in sizes 12 inch, 18 inch or 24 inch, also featuring a 6 watt LED per inch. This let’s you utilize 8k, 12k, or 16k lumens.

Not a single lumen will struggle to shine through thanks to our Silastic™ moldable optical silicone elastomers. These allow for high light transmittance for extra optical clarity and long optical length.

In addition, if a light gets too hot internally, our thermal foldback technology allows the light to self-regulate its power output, meaning less worry for you.

Longevity and Performance Over Time
Until recently, there was a gap in the market of off-road enthusiasts struggling to find off-road lighting and accessories that are proven, dependable, and built to last.

Our off-roading lights are just…tougher. The silicone lens and optic design deliver a durability that standard off-road lighting (and their polycarbonate lenses) can’t. Not to mention, our lights beat out the competitors in raw lumen output without dulling. How is that possible? The silicone used contains high UV and thermal stability, meaning the more the light is out in the sun, the clearer the lens gets, keeping your spot and flood output shining brighter (and longer).

The results: the mpower® indestructible off-road lights outshine standard off-road lights in raw power, durability and longevity.

mpower® off-road lighting products deliver an unparalleled experience for those of you who find your happy place by going off the grid. Having the right lighting while you’re out on rough and unpredictable terrain is paramount for any enthusiast.

Ready to plan your next expedition? Check out our full range of indestructible, high-quality, off-road lighting. If you’re ready to outfit your ride, find a retailer here.

Because what doesn’t bend—breaks.

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