Part of the SoundOff Signal Family


Say it with us “SHATTERPROOF LIGHTS”. What doesn’t bend – breaks. This is where the mpower® story starts. We were sick of lighting that broke down under extreme conditions – from temperature to terrain.  

We’re adventurous. We work hard. It’s not too much to ask our lights to do the same. mpower® silicone LED lights are literally built for the rocks, dirt, or whatever else you might stir up on your next adventure. 

The patented mpower® silicone lens and optic design delivers something polycarb lenses can’t. Gravel pitting, scratches, and cracks – no thank you!  And don’t get us started on that dull yellow look of most lenses. Ewwww. Not with silicone lenses. 

Our hybrid optic offers unmatched spot and flood output. Frankly, we beat leading off-road lighting giants in raw lumen output. So when you think about that combined with how they never dull from crazing, you find yourself with lights that are brighter, last longer, and stay looking new. 

Plus, as a part of the SoundOff Signal family of brands, we stand behind ouproducts with onsite design, engineering, and manufacturing teams at our corporate headquarters in Hudsonville, MI.  Born and raised in the heart of the mid-west and schooled in the automotive capital state, we know how to bring durable tough products that stand up to whatever you got. 

Company Overview

SoundOff Signal is a multi-market manufacturer of innovative lighting and control systems for your vehicle. 

In 1992, our founder, George Boerigter turned a small motorcycle flasher startup into a big business. He took what he learned with motorcycle lighting and branched out to emergency vehicles for local, state, and federal agencies throughout the United States and Canada. The business, which set a standard for customer service, took off exponentially. 

In the years that followed, the quality of our products, our ability to identify new opportunities in the markets we served, and our people-first approach to business have facilitated our expansion beyond the police market into nearly every area a vehicle is driven – across the globe. 

Today, SoundOff Signal is one of the world’s most trusted and most beloved brands in vehicle safety lighting. We have matured into an internationally integrated lighting & controls manufacturer with our Corporate Headquarters & Customer Center in Hudsonville, MI. 

Company Mission

The mission of SoundOff Signal is to provide our customers with superior products and services that meet or exceed their expectations for delivery, quality, and cost-effectiveness. We are committed to our customers through continuous improvement in on-time delivery of quality products; our employees through continuous improvement in their standard of living; our shareholders through continuous improvement of their return on assets; our community through social and environmental responsibility and our strategic business partners through a mutually beneficial growth and business development strategy. 

Our Values

  • Building trust
  • A passion for outstanding customer service 
  • A “live excellence” attitude 
  • An encouraged entrepreneurial spirit 

This winning formula, coupled with a passion to serve, is what propels us to deliver solutions that create safer, more productive working environments to the markets we serve.