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For over 30 years, SoundOff Signal has consistently demonstrated its commitment to delivering high-quality lights. With a rich history, SoundOff Signal has become a trusted name in the emergency lighting industry, known for advanced technology, durable construction and unmatched performance and safety on the road.

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Designed with optic-grade silicone lenses, these lights are resistant to water, dirt and rocks, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability for your off-road vehicle.

  • Offers advantages over traditional lenses
  • Design demands attention and allows for various placements
  • Same technology used in extreme speeds and temperatures on emergency vehicles

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Illuminate your off-road adventures with mpower

There are no street lights where you’re headed. That’s the way you like it. But whether you’re headed up the side of a mountain, getting down and dirty in a mud bog, or racing across snow-covered fields, you’d better have a clear view of whatever lies ahead.