June 26, 2023

How SoundOff Signal’s history serving first responders brought new light technology for off-road vehicles (ORV)  

Our strong track record supporting first responders

One rainy night, a motorist calls 911 after getting into an accident with another vehicle. An unmarked police cruiser is the first to arrive on the scene at the dark intersection of two country roads. Suddenly, the plain-looking police vehicle lights up the night. Its previously “invisible” lights send bright warning lights far down the road to alert other motorists of the hazard ahead. The lighting also helps the officer see the accident scene and helps other motorists see the officer.

With over 30 years of experience in emergency vehicle lighting, SoundOff Signal (SOS) is proud to contribute to the safety at scenes like these. Headquartered in Hudsonville, in the automotive state of Michigan, we’re known for our keen focus on solving customer problems. With nearly 400 employees focused on customer service, design, engineering and manufacturing, we take pride in being a company that can provide our customers with US designed and manufactured products and excellent, personalized service.

That’s why we’re known among first responders for our top-notch products. Terry Abel, chief of Islamorada (FL) Fire Rescue reports he was “sold on SOS products at first use…. We have never looked back since then,” Abel says. “In fact, we have been getting everything spec’d out with SOS products since 2019. This includes command vehicles, logistics trucks, engine, ladder, EMS SxS vehicles and the Utility Mule. We are also retrofitting our older trucks with SOS products, and most of the community’s public works and wastewater trucks either have been or are in the process of getting SOS lights.”

So, with this established customer base, why did SoundOff Signal decide to move into the off-road vehicle market recently?

Well, we knew we had to respond to a known problem.


Leveraging our expertise to push off-road lighting to another level

The creation of mpower® Silicone Lighting as a family company came because of a gap in the market: ORV lights made with traditional polycarbonate lenses do not hold up to weather elements and rugged rides, causing water corrosion, lens cracking or breaking, discoloring/yellowing, poor light output, whistling noises, bends in lightbars and more.

Simply put, ORV enthusiasts were tired of dealing with faulty lights, especially the cost of replacing them. That’s why we decided to take our emergency vehicle silicone technology and design a product line specifically for the off-road vehicle owners in mind.

mpower lights are enabled by Clear Duty® moldable silicone. This optically clear silicone elastomer provides high transmittance and low haze, while meeting demanding environmental challenges. These lights offer unique properties, including:

  • High light transmittance for better optical clarity and longer optical path length
  • High hardness with reduced surface tack to enable tougher, more rigid injection molded parts
  • Material toughness for accurate part fixation and high IP rating
  • Low haze and scatter, maximizing light output in a given direction
  • Design flexibility, allowing for lens and other functional aspects not possible in rigid plastics

We all know that law enforcement, fire, EMS & amber vehicles (utility, construction, tow, department of works, etc.) go through many harsh environmental impacts. To bring the right safety to the first responders and passersby, they need lighting that will stand up to high speeds, extreme cold temperatures (think snowplows in Alaska and Minnesota winters), and extreme hot temperatures (think fire trucks at a large fire or departments in the hot desert sun).

Inspired by this level of performance, we set out to create a new product with a smaller footprint, intense lighting, high quality and a long life. The light would need overall durability to withstand dirt, wet and extreme weather, gravel impacts and other road conditions. In addition to being rugged, the light’s materials needed to offer good photothermal stability to avoid yellowing from intense UV exposure.


Unparalleled performance:  unbeatable lights for your next off-road adventure

In addition to withstanding punishing use and brutal weather conditions, mpower products have powerful head-on and off-angle illumination, so you could say they are literally built for wherever you go and whatever you might stir up on your next adventure!

mpower Silicone Lighting is …

Silicone lenses and optic design deliver something polycarb lenses can’t. Gravel pitting, scratches and cracks can’t touch them. Period.

The hybrid optic offers unmatched spot and flood output. Not only do the lights beat many leading off-road lighting giants in raw lumen output, but they also never dull. Why? The silicone’s high UV and thermal stability prevents yellowing, keeping your lights shining brighter – longer.

The design and durability of these products demand attention and stand out from the crowds.

Streamlined design for stackable, anywhere-you-can imagine mounting on your vehicle. Plus, the low profile means less wind resistance and noise.

Leave the road behind with mpower Silicone Lighting and see what happens.

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