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Why travel to Sedona?

Many of us in the Midwest are already planning getaways to look forward to during the long winter. If you’re an off-roader, you have adventure in your blood, so we’re willing to bet you’re always thinking about your next trip. You might already know that Sedona, Arizona is famous for its jaw-dropping red rocks whose colors deepen in the sun as well as its beautiful and exciting off-road opportunities. Read on to learn about the best locations to go driving with your mpower lights, and we’ll also help you find a place to grab a bite to eat afterward!



Top off roading locations in Sedona, Arizona


Coconino National Forest 

Does over a million acres of ranging elevations and conditions, from forest to tundra to desert sound like music to your ears? The USDA Forest Service calls Coconino National Forestone of most diverse National Forests in the country,” so it’s safe to say a visit should be on every off-roader’s bucket list. One of the most popular trails at the forest is Devil’s Bridge Trail via Dry Creek Road, as it offers breathtaking photo ops at the top. Veteran off-roaders recommend taking the scenic route up and beating the crowds by starting before sunrise, so mpower’s hybrid flood/spot optics would be the perfect addition to the drive up there, with a spot beam for seeing far into the distance and a flood beam for lighting up a wider area. Check out our 2×1, 2×1 Dual Stacked and 6×1 Lights


Broken Arrow Trail  

Ready to tackle some fun obstacles and climb down Devil’s Staircase, all with unforgettable views? This is ranked a must-do trail for off-roaders, and for good reason. Experienced drivers say that novices should be careful to follow a map because sometimes the trail can be difficult to follow. The trail can also be narrow, so it’s important to be ready to pull over regularly to allow for the passage of other vehicles. The 12,” 18,”or 24” lightbars would provide the perfect amount of beam for those tight situations.


Schnebly Hill Road 

This rocky yet amazingly scenic trail, with red rock against forest is a bit over thirteen miles. The forest service saysthere are some magnificent red rock views for the first 0.75 miles which is unshaded.” Most experienced riders say this is one of the bumpier rides around, but it’s nothing a 4×4 can’t handle and the views justify the ride. Expect to meet mud and snow at the peak, as well as the occasional thunderstorm. Bring along mpower’s 4″ Fascia in amber to cut through the rain and dust. 


Grab some post off-roading grub 

Take a break from off-roading at one of the most popular restaurants in Sedona (Click the names to see more).


Elote Cafe 

Ready for an inviting atmosphere to unwind? Elote offers high quality tex-mex, which they describe as “timeless recipes of Southern Mexico meet the bold, farm-fresh flavors of the American Southwest.” Start with top shelf tequila flights or freshly made margaritas. Then dive into the hearty and imaginative menu. Diners rave about their Elote appetizer, which is Fire roasted corn with spicy mayo, lime and cotija cheese, or their Buffalo Mole Poblano – Braised buffalo short ribs in a traditional mole poblano. 


Cowboy Club Grille & Spirits

Have the rough trails made you hungry for cactus fries and rattlesnake sausage? Get ready to take in cowboy art adorning the walls of this spot that “features ‘High Desert Cuisine’ showcasing the best of the Southwest.” Their menu favorites include the Bison Burger, with muenster cheese, caramelized onions and sweet potato fries, or the ribeye, with cowboy butter and garlic mashed potatoes. 


The Golden Goose American Grill 

Looking for a spot that has a beautiful bar and reliable crowd pleasers like surf and turf? Golden Goose American Grill says they are known for “friendly hospitality, masterfully prepared steaks, creative seafood dishes and outstanding burgers.” From Chicken Masala to meatloaf, their menu offers a bit of everything to satisfy after your trip, as well as a great atmosphere. Golden Goose even welcomes dogs on their patio for al fresco dining. 

Now that we’ve done the planning, who’s booking a trip to Sedona? 

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