As soon as the mpower® team arrived in Lake George, Colorado, we knew we had to give our followers a behind-the-scenes look into our photo and video shoot. Known by off-roaders for its many amazing trails, we took in breathtaking rides and stunning views at Badger Flats Vicinity OHV Trails. These trails truly offer something for every rider: they are accessible for beginners but offer climbs, curves and the ability to find speed for more experienced riders. Read on to hear how we equipped our vehicles for this adventure. We hope to give you ideas and inspiration for your next trip!


Check out a loaded Bronco and Polaris taking on the trails at Badger Flats in Colorado!


Colorado Mountain Trails: a playground for off-roaders

Located in Pike National Forest, the Badger Flats offer over 100 miles of mostly hard packed soil surrounded by thick pine trees. Before heading out on the trail, Kyle Kreymborg, District Sales Manager at SoundOff Signal, and his wife Sara outfitted their two vehicles with mpower lights from top to bottom. Sara is the proud owner of the 2023 Ford Bronco, Outer Banks Edition with Sasquatch Package with 35” factory tires. Kyle drove the Polaris RZR.


Outfitting for maximum satisfaction on the trail

Starting with the forward-facing lights, the Ford Bronco was outfitted with an mpower ORV 4″ Fascia Light in green, which is silicone molded to prevent water damage, discoloration or chipping. Kreymborg says it cuts through dust really well on the trail, which is key to increase visibility at higher speeds on the flat trails at Badger Flats.

This light joined forces with two more 4” spot lights on the rear as well as the amber mpower ORV 18″ Lightbar to achieve what Kreymborg describes as an optimal ride: “daylight at night.” With a sleek design and no built-in fans, this lightbar is perfect for tight spaces and looks great below the grille of the Bronco.

The low profile mpower ORV 2×1 Lights are mounted to the a-pillar, illuminating high intensity light at mid-level on the vehicle. Kreymborg says their hybrid 10° spot/flood beam pattern was especially helpful when navigating the vast number of trees on the trail. As a bonus, he was also able to integrate this light into the Bronco’s factory wiring for fog light operation.

Moving downward, mpower 4” Fascia flood lights in white were mounted in each of the wheel wells and served two important purposes: safety and ambiance. The outpour of light created a “footprint” for the vehicle, which served Sara well when she was crawling at slow speeds, allowing her to spot rocks and boulders. These floods also came in handy anytime she stepped out of the vehicle, especially when setting up camp.


Achieving top-to-bottom light for unforgettable night rides

With the Polaris RZR, Kreymborg focused on outfitting everything from the roof, a-pillar, to bumper level. He aimed to create “multiple layers of light” to achieve more enjoyment and safety on the trail. Starting at the top, he went big with an mpower ORV 24″ Lightbar, which produces over 16,000 raw lumens of light. With its rugged aluminum housing and a compact shape, this lightbar fits just right on the RZR.

At the top back corner of the cab, Kreymborg tucked the mpower ORV 2×1 Dual Stacked Kit in white. With double the power of our 2×1 light pointed at a 45-degree angle, this light was perfect when he was climbing after dark and needed to have a 180-degree view of the trail.


Ready to see some of our action on the trails? Check out our highlights.



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