Get to know our off-road enthusiasts

At mpower®, we don’t just talk about chasing adventure, we live it. Through a long personal history with off-roading, our team uses mpower products for their explorations as they push the limits. As a result, our hands-on experience with our lights pushes us to never settle for a mediocre product. We aim to embody pure grit, not only as we develop and test products, but also in supporting our customers in their use of our products. Read on to learn more about some of our team members and how they live the mpower life. Maybe you’ll meet them off-roading sometime!


Michael Edgemon

District Sales Manager – North America

Michael has decades of experience off-road, and his favorite mpower product is the 18″ Lightbar. He appreciates mpower’s top-notch durability: he says the silicone lenses do not yellow or fade, and they hold up to dirt and sand blasting into them from vehicles in front of him when he rides in groups. Based in Phoenix, Michael‘s family loves to ride in the desert areas in Arizona—that’s where he grew up riding. He’s been driving off-road vehicles ever since he received his first three-wheeler when he was around eight years old. 


Heather Stuecken

Electrical Engineer

Based northwest of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Heather‘s favorite place to take her Jeep is Silver Lake Sand Dunes in Hart, Michigan. As a child, she went on the Mac Wood’s Dune Rides and loved it so much that her family decided to rent a Jeep the following years, and later owned a ’97 Blazer. In 2013, she got a Jeep of her own, which she still has today, and has been going every summer since. Her favorite mpower product is the 2×1 Dual Stacked Lights. She likes that they are compact and stealthy but provide a lot of light out to the sides—and they pair great with her 24″ Lightbar. 


Aaron Cochran

District Sales Manager – North America

Aaron is based in Midland, Michigan and has been driving off-road vehicles for about 10 years. His favorite place to ride is Silver Lake Sand Dunes (which seems to be a popular favorite among the mpower team). Running up and down the dunes, he finds mpower’s silicone lenses have lasted longer and burned brighter than other lights. He says that while sometimes the front or rear bumper will hit the dune and scrape the lights, neither the 6x1s on the front or the 4 Fascias on the rear, have any scratches or issues at all. His favorite mpower product is the Interior Lightbar, because it makes such a unique statement anytime someone sees it. Fellow off-roaders often ask him about it! 


Brandon Dickerson

District Sales Manager – North America

Based in southern Arizona, Brandon has been off-roading for more than 25 years and enjoys both sand dunes and mountain trail riding. He says both provide a diverse riding experience; mountain trail riding is slow and relaxed, versus desert riding, which is a high-speed adrenaline rush. He loves mpower’s Fascia Spot Lights the most. His lights have been through sandstorms at the dunes, covered in mud and torturetested in the scorching hot summer months in the Arizona desert. Brandon loves the versatility that mpower lights offer. He says that the quality and attention to detail put into the product are what set mpower lights apart from competitors, along with how sleek the lights are. 

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