Four Reasons Why Off-Road Enthusiasts Say Yes

We get it: whether you’re planning to head out on your next trip or simply outfitting your truck with accessories, you’re always on the lookout for the best possible lights. As off-roaders ourselves, we know that lights need to do more than perform the basics to illuminate our path. They also need to weather tough conditions, be easy to install and illuminate exceptionally well in the dark. Enter our Interior Lightbar.

After we noticed that exterior bars were the predominant offering for most off-roading Jeeps, trucks and SUVs, we realized we had the chance to offer a new light that would stand up to the elements and provide excellent optics. Now our best-selling product, we leveraged our 30 years of experience in emergency vehicle lighting at SoundOff Signal to create an Interior Lightbar that serves the unique needs of off-roaders.

Read on to hear what’s unique about our lightbar and why Brad “Jeepin Bubba” Cohron tried out our lightbar on his Jeep.


Sleek look, protected from the elements

According to our customers, much of the appeal of our interior lightbar lies in its stealth character. With this lightbar being mounted internally, it is no longer vulnerable to damage on the trail. mpower® wanted to offer a light that was protected but powerful.

Jeepin Bubba said it delivers on this count. “The features that stand out most to me is that the lightbar is not in the line of sight, and it snugs to the glass, not allowing light to flood into the cab,” he said. “I like the convenience of it being mounted on the inside of the windshield, it limits the ability of wind noise or theft, and I can still use an automatic carwash!”

Available for several models of leading off-road vehicles, the mpower Interior Lightbar in-cab mounting eliminates annoying wind noise and drag. As you take on the trail, you can focus on the experience, knowing that your light is not interfering with your aerodynamics. Unlike exterior lightbars, our lightbar is not going to change the airflow heading over your vehicle, nor cause any unwanted wind turbulence or buffeting in your soft top.


Increased visibility, for nighttime off-roading

Available in a one piece or two-piece split models, the lightbar offers intense forward and off-axis illumination. So, what does that all mean? The light harnesses a combination of a flood and spotlight and provides the best of both worlds for off-roaders. With over 10,000 lumens in the one piece and 8,000 in the two-piece plus a spread over a 90-degree pattern, you’ll get light delivered in the front, as well as to the left and right.

What’s more, the lightbar offers dual function: with 60 amber LEDs for dusty environments and 60 white scene LEDs for intense illumination. A switch to shift colors is located right on the lightbar itself, above the driver’s seat. Wondering if the light limits your view through the windshield? Most users report they don’t notice any obstruction, and some say that the bar takes up far less space than a sun visor.

So how does this all play out on the road? Expect an intense white that illuminates 100 meters or more ahead, or a huge spread of dust cutting amber.

Jeepin Bubba said the dual function gives him peace of mind in terms of safety. “I love that it not only has a bright white option, but it also has an amber option that helps when it’s dusty on the trail,” says Jeepin Bubba. “Most of the mountain roads we take tend to get tight, windy and foggy/dusty. As the one who is typically the trail leader, I like to run the amber setting in both day and nighttime, as it’s not overwhelming but helps give oncoming traffic more warning.”


Easy to install

With simple plug and play wiring, the lightbar mounts directly to the interior using the sun visor clips. So, unlike exterior lightbars, there is no need to drill through the roof or A-pilar. As you open the box, you’ll see only a few wiring components in addition to the lightbar—don’t be intimidated, with a few tools and an hour or two, you’ll be ready to take the light on a ride. A detailed instruction sheet is included with every lightbar.


A thrill to take on the trail

Here’s what Brad “Jeepin Bubba” Cohron had to say when he took the mpower Interior Lightbar out on an adventure:

“I recently went to Coppinger Cove for the first time. It has a reputation of being a place you can get easily lost in and is not where you want to get caught in the rain, due to MANY water crossings. My group was trying to find the exit when a heavy thunderstorm came on and it suddenly went from looking like day to nighttime. The interior lightbar helped me to navigate the obstacles ahead, not to mention it looked absolutely epic during the storm. I absolutely love having it on my Jeep.”

Check out the video below, or learn more about the Interior Lightbar here

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